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At Artefakt company, we value quality, design, attention to detail and timeless solutions, all we need to do with our core materials such as glass and stainless steel, be it large building units or small products.

The development of this product took place in our company for several years, the most important for us was to ensure its functionality, design and originality. The stand is made of stainless steel and high quality plastic, so it does not mind moisture, cold or other adverse conditions.

Its design makes it possible to grab the neck of almost any bottle and keep it horizontal. There are a number of similar products, but with the ability to change the size of the bottle neck opening, this stand will provide a stable fit and position lock for the bottle.

When using multiple stands with different bottles aligned in the plane, an interesting picture is worth seeing.

I think the stand can be a good gift for your closest. You can place a bottle rack every year instead of an annual hall or socks. We will also provide engraving of personal dedication or company logo.

We would be really  pleased if you chose this exclusive bottle rack for displaying or archiving your best bottles of wine or other beverages.

Pavel Ruzicka